Light, Lightworkers and New Earth – Mirabai Devi, Hawaii

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This is an awesome interview by Lilou Mace of The Juicy Living Tour. For those who don’t know, Lilou is a wonderful interviewer and a beautiful soul. She has interviewed the likes of Wayne Dyer, Dolores Cannon, Drunvalo and many others. Visit her website:

This interview is full of light, love and positive energy. Mirabai Devi has practical advice on praying, raising frequency and “roasting out” karma NOW! Why wait? After all, it’s all well within our power! We live at the moment of great quickening on Planet Earth. It is the time when veils between dimensions are thinning, and disappearing all together.

I especially love these gems:

1. The prayers are living words; they are matrixes. You have to plug the healing formula into this matrix in order to clear the dis-ease, the disconnection from the Source.

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My Updates: Big Move and Big Plans

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Hello, everyone!

This has been a very busy summer. I am looking forward to autumn, my favorite season, although I expect it to be just as busy. Busy is good, as the wind of change sweeps through, bringing lots of new and exciting things.

We have sold my house in the beautiful Catskill mountains, which I kept as a summer home during my Wall Street days, and which served as my secluded writer’s retreat for the past few years.


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A Slice of Real Russia 2: Real Moscow

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We are continuing our multimedia Russian adventure through stories, pics and vids. Today, we’ll be watching several very cool vids from our friends at the Real Russia Video Blog. What I especially like is that these are authentic Russian life vids. And another interesting thing is that both Sergeys live in Ufa, located in the Ural Mountains next to Siberia, and this is their virgin visit to the capital of Russia (to be sure, they came back for later vids). All this brings a certain sense of discovery to the Moscow experiences through their fresh eyes. Enjoy!

A Stroll Around Gorky Park – May 9, 2013, Victory Day (Den Pobedi)! One of my fave episodes: How people in Russia relax and enjoy themselves. So nice and sunny over there – it was snowing on May 9 here, in the Catskills, NY. Where did I go wrong? 😉



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Lada I am reblogging your blog….Without your permission..Cover page are awesome..

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I am celebrating my first Anniversary of publishing with Amazon Kindle, and I have exciting news!

One year ago, on September 2, 2011 to be exact, I published STEPFORD USA, Book 1 of the Accidental Spy Adventure Series (formerly Jade Snow Adventure Series), on Amazon Kindle. Later the same month, I published Green Desert (Accidental Spy Prequel). On December 19, 2011 GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) came out.

To celebrate my first Anniversary on Kindle, I decided to give both GOLD TRAIN and STEPFORD USA a face lift. I’ve been wanting to change covers for quite some time as I believe that however nice the originals were, I could do better. So, I’ve been going back and forth with this idea for a while now and finally decided to take a plunge.

That said, I am very fond of the old covers and intend to keep them around as alternative…

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Lada is my friend, so I am reblogging it. It could be theft… But still I have right to do it. And Lada has right to punish me for it and I have the right accept it…. Still i have right to appreciate my friends collection and collect as mine…

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Today, I am simply sharing some beautiful images of one of my favorite flowers – lotus. I’ve collected them overtime from different sources and thought it wonderful to feast the eye on them this weekend. The lotus is so pure and healing…

In the East, it is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. And because it is considered an embodiment of harmony, lotus is a truly wonderful feng shui!

No words are needed. Simply enjoy!

Lavender lotus

Pink lotus

White lotus

Yellow lotus

Peach lotus

Purple lotus

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Gratitude..Mike thank you for making us Richer by sharing awesome post…

World Adventurers

This is the second of three articles about the Khao Yai area in Nakhon Ratchasima, a province in northeast Thailand. The first article focused on Palio Khao Yai, an Italian-themed village, and the next will feature Khao Yai National Park. This post is about Farm Chokchai, home to Thailand’s largest dairy ranch.

With more than 5,000 head of cattle ranging over 8,000 acres, Farm Chokchai is Thailand’s largest dairy farm and one of the largest in Asia. Established in 1957 by Thai cowboy Khun Chokchai Bulakul on 100 acres, the farm has grown during its 55 year history. It has had a colorful history experimenting with different businesses ranging from selling machinery and construction materials, raising beef cattle and exporting beef, operating steakhouses, and selling dairy products. Its current iteration is as a dairy farm. Farm Chokchai went through some setbacks during the mid-1990s

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Thank you Madam for giving permission to Reblog such a nice poem of yours.. Regards


Sailing ship used for transportation

She’s come undone, in that way women do

    when the light has left the day and
    she’s had a drink or two.

She’ll unsheathe a dull sword on memories,

    broken destinies and unwanted sympathies.

Nothing can soothe this grief,

    a shot of bourbon withholds relief,
    coursing down her throat its warmth is too brief.

Tears cannot fall from eyes of lies,

    bitterness bound, even though she tries

Dammit! Must she seek approval to live her own life?

Bottoms up, one more to find that drunken shore,

    release her sails for a land of plenty

Her treasures aren’t in things or diamond rings

    or men whose promises are empty.

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