May 2, 2012

Life is a voyage of discovery and the most wondrous part is the people you meet along the way.  In the past few months I have met so many inspirational people and this poem and the Introduction to my most recent works are all dedicated to my Knight!!!

Life’s Savior by Misti xx

Within the secret garden

Stands a special man

He holds the key to happiness

Gently in his hand…

His smile is sweet like honey

His eyes sparkle as he talks

And people race to gather round him

As he takes his morning walks…

He is The Savior of those who suffer

Though he would never stake this claim

A modern-day living legend

Yet, hiding from such fame…

When you call, he will rescue you

And hold you in his arms

Until your fears have all subsided

And you are touched by his charms…


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