I race with Trains in Car when i get opportunity.. Cos Love Trains… My favorite hindi movie “The Burning train”

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Above: Komsomolskaya Metro Station, Moscow

If you are used to the gloomy, dungeon-like New York Subway (sorry, dear New Yorkers,) as I am, absolutely nothing can prepare you for the gorgeous Russian Metro! Don’t get me wrong – I love New York, and it is my second home, but the City’s unbelievably ugly and outdated subway is a different story all together.

When I complain about it, my husband – a consummate New Yorker – just shrugs his shoulders: “It gets you from point A to point B!”

Yeah, right… Point A to point B. But what about beauty? Style? Aesthetics?

Well, in all truth, even if you come from Paris, London, or Vienna, with their much nicer underground transportation systems, you’ll still be amazed at the Russian Metro!

One of Moscow’s most popular tours is “A Day in the Moscow Metro.” I am not kidding! They actually take…

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