Lada accept my regards.. you are one of glittering Star of my Sky.. And I know as there is Only one brightest star in others sky, you are for me.. I bow my head down to your Knowledge..

Lada Ray Blog

Year 2012 Predictions

by Author and Feng Shui Master, Lada Ray

Scroll down to the end for the US Presidential Election prediction

and 10/28 update! 

First, a quick announcement: I’ve been planning to write:


for some time now, but it’s been on hold due to other priority projects. I hope to write and release it this year, depending on my schedule.

What qualifies me to predict the future? In the past decade, I taught a number of my proprietary Feng Shui courses and did lots of consultations, in addition to writing about Feng Shui and spirituality for various publications around the world. As part of my speaking and writing, I made predictions about certain events in society and our lives, as well as advised clients on various real estate and investment-related matters.

My various predictions usually came true. As a quick example, I sold…

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