We have many Schools giving their esteem duties towards facilitating education for the up-liftment of society.

‘Shree Sai Siksha Niketan‘ will try its best to do same and help noble cause carried by other esteem schools.

we as an organization understand the importance of children all round development through the application of activities .There is no categorization of children such as :


b)Below average

c)Above average students

Our Principle is to identify the strong points of the child and directed it into various  fields of interest such as:

a) Academic


c)Co-curricular activities

If the combination of ‘3’ categories are delivered ,then we believe a fair justification is done towards our profession .

Who is a Teacher and what is teaching ?


The teacher is the education parent of the child .He/She is the foster parent of the child .He supplements the role of the parents. In the educational development of a child his role is more than that of the parents. He is undertaker of the great task of educating the child .Child looks to him for knowledge ,wisdom ,manners ,morals ,inspiration,enlightenment and what not.

According to Indian prayer

the teacher is Brahma, the creator ,he is God Vishnu, he is God Maheshwara.He is the entire universe ,salutation to him

The teacher is the real dynamic force of the School.The School without him/her is a soulless body .Without competent and good teachers,even the best o f systems is bound to fail.A good teacher can certainly make the best of even the worst system.

The reputation of the School and its influence on the life of the community depends on the teachers working on it .

what is teaching ?

Teaching is not a ordinary profession . It is a Sacred and the society places high hopes on a teacher. The whole structure of society depends on the quality, competence, devotion and character of a teacher.

teaching is not only a profession but also a mission. The purpose that a teacher fulfills, the ideals that he maintains, the services he/she renders, the character he/she portrays all are characteristics of a missionary attitude.

Qualities of a teacher.

A teacher should have some of these essential qualities:

1.The philosophy of the teacher :- A teacher should have a broad , deep and thorough understanding of life. The teacher’s philosophy of life has an important bearing upon the life of the pupil.

2. Personality :- A teacher teaches not only by what he says and does but very largely by ‘ what he/she is ‘ children immitate the dress voice,habits and manners of their teachers .

Teacher should be frank to admit ignorance ,cultivate initiative and resourcefulness and be true to the ethics of the teaching profession .

3. Health and Appearance :- A teacher should be vary active ,alert ,  energetic , enthusiastic  , and dynamic . A teacher should look smart ,tidy , attractive and must scrupulously avoid shabbiness of dress .

4. Intelligence :- The teaching profession requires deep understanding ,reasoning power ,power of discrimination ,imagination , memory , alertness, resourcefulness and foresight .

5. Mental health :- Unhappy , frustrated , dissatisfied teachers can not help their pupils to become happy, well adjusted young people. It is only a cheerful , optimistic teacher who can teach with vigour, play with delight and create delight atmosphere in the class.

6. Character :- Teacher character should be such that there is no difference between what they say and do.

Teaching proffession demands high character and perfect morality .If the ethical standards of a teacher are not fairly high, his/her reputation among the students will remain low. He/she will not be able to command respect among them. He/she must possess all those moral qualities which contitute good character.

7. Sociability :- A teacher must possess a social philosophy. He/She should live in his social environment with the purpose of improving upon the same . He/She must take an active interest in the society in which he/she lives.

8. Love for the profession :- Te


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