The teacher is the education parent of the child . He/She is the foster parent of the child . He supplements the role of the parents. In the educational development of a child his/her role is more than that of the parents. He/she is undertaker of the great task of educating the child. Child looks to him for knowledge, wisdom , manners , morals , inspiration, enlightenment and what not.

According to Indian prayer

As per  Sankanskrit Sloka

“Gururbrahma Gururvishnu Gurudevo Maheshwara GuruSakshat Parambrahma tasmai Shree Guruvey Namah”

Teacher is Brahma (the creator) , he is God Vishnu (the caretaker), he is God Maheshwara (the Destroyer). He is the entire universe, salutation to him “.

The teacher is the real dynamic force of the School. The School without him/her is a soulless body. Without competent and good teachers,even the best o f systems is bound to fail. A good teacher can certainly make the best of even the worst system.

The reputation of the School and its influence on the life of the community depends on the teachers working on it .

What is teaching ?

Teaching is not a ordinary profession . It is a Sacred and the society places high hopes on a teacher. The whole structure of society depends on the quality, competence, devotion and character of a teacher.

teaching is not only a profession but also a mission. The purpose that a teacher fulfills, the ideals that he maintains, the services he/she renders, the character he/she portrays all are characteristics of a missionary attitude.

Qualities of a Teacher

Some of the qualities which society expects from a Teacher

 Should be a Philosopher                           Descent Personality

  Active&Enthusiastic                                  Intellectual                                       

  Delightful                                                          High Moral        


                                          and  the two most important are

Love for his Own Profession               Love for the Children….

With the hope it is making some sense I finish…..

Declaration: This article is not mine… I collected some articles and from those articles I have shared some of  the points which I liked.

I am not a writer nor an author, if unknowingly i made any mistake then Kind consideration is  expected. This is my First attempt to try blogging after i got Inspired by Some of Awesome bloggers in Online world, and I am happy that one them is “Lada Ray” a esteem writer and Author.

Hope for her blessings… Thank you Lada


Mental Health Food

Today is National Create Your Own Holiday Day!!!

What fun!!!

For those of you who may be too young to remember this, Chuck Wagon was a dog food made by Purina. They don’t make it anymore. Click here to view the YouTube video of the Chuck Wagon commercial. (Is it just me or would you think about eating that for dinner?)

Decades ago, I worked for an advertising firm that created a holiday called Chuck Wago Days instead of the normal boring Founder’s Day.

They used the Chuck Wagon commercials as their theme. They created miniature refreshments (including decorated “donuts” made from Cheerios) and dressed up in Wild West clothing.

What a morale booster. Everyone had fun.

Whether you run a business or not, finding a reason to celebrate is great Mental Health Food. It’s like chocolate cheesecake for your brain without the calories.

For those of you who are…

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World Adventurers

When I Saw a Lion

by Alex Edwards

Clang! The car bounced on the dirt road. We’re on our way to see a lion!

Lion (1)

When it was two hours later, it felt like two years. We stopped at 6 o’clock to stop and see the sunset.

After an hour, we went to see a lion. When we saw the lion, I was scared and surprised. It was cute and cuddly, but I wouldn’t go out and cuddle with it.

Lion (3)

It was the best day ever. I wish I could see the lion again.

The End

Note: This story was written by my young son, Alex, after our June 2011 trip to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, a country in Southern Africa. The lion in the photo is the same one that inspired him to write this story.

Map picture

M.G. Edwards is a writer of books and stories in the…

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